The song “Here Comes the Night” by Dj Snake and Mr. Hudson is a repetitive beats with mellow melody.  It talks about how an individual becomes really emotional, upset, and maybe a wreck when they’re partner leaves them. The person that left the individual brought joy them, however since they left, it feels as if there was nothing left for the individual and faces dark days. In the beginning of the song, the mood is relaxing and it feels as if your entering in another void. The individual is feeling a lot of pain and is in another world. It would sound like background music for a maze or a national geographic video for astronomy.

Throughout the chorus of this song, it has an uplifting moment, the rhythm get faster and has little changes ever second that comes on. This part relates to how the individual needs to uplift themselves and not look down.Then towards the end it slowly dies down and you could hear how it was being energetic to mellow. Each rhythm stops for a short mili-second, then picks up quickly. Towards the end, the rhythm slowly fades and echo out quietly, the individual faces the fact that they’re partner has left and need to move on.

“Here Comes the Night” -(Link)

Time Taken: One Hour