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Sound Visualization:Phase 1

While listening to ┬á“Formation- Beyonce “, the sound was repetitive and then it ┬áswitched to a different beat automatically. Afterwards, the ┬ásound went back to original beat. The beginning sound was sharp and straight forward , it reminds me of squares because ┬áthe geometric form and the sharp edges represent┬áthe ┬ásound . The second sound had a smooth ┬ásound and it reminds me of ocean waves. The shapes also represent the beat and the chronological order of the song itself.

In addition┬áto listening to that ┬ásong,┬áI was listening to “Fade-Kanye West” and “Work-Rihanna”. When switching between these two songs, it was quite difficult since they both give off different emotions and I was able to fill in the previous shapes with different┬ácolors based on the emotions that the beat was giving off at that specific moment

Work Time : 30 minutes





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  1. Val Bailon

    Woah… I didn’t know we could use two songs, I like how you challenged yourself

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