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Sound Visualizations: Phase 1

The begining of the song Broken Record by Krewella, starts with a soft voice that slowly turns into an echo. Then the sound  begins to increase as the vocalist starts to sing. The sound of the song is very electronic but if you listen to the lyrics, the song is a little sad which makes the song interesting to listen to. Then after the chorus you hear the beat increase and turns into a five to six second electronic sound. As I did some reasearch on electronic music while listening to the song, I came to the conclusion that the sounds were produced by the combination of the following instruments : synthesizers,  drum machines and samplers. This instrumenst produce the amazing EDM (electro dance music) we hear and can create thousands of different sounds.

As I listen to the song I imagine a heart beat machine. At first since the song is soft, i see in my head a line barely moving at a slope. Then as the songs beat scalates, the line also scalated to the point where it detaches and it’s not just one line but many lines just flying across my head and eventually the black line that I started to see changed to thousands of lines that changed to thousands of colors like blue and red and all the shades that blue and red come in. It turns into a chaos. Then as the bridge pops up all those lines start to join together into one black line and slowly detaches and the cycle continues until the last verse and then all I see is the black line slowly becoing thin to the point where it desapears.

Hours worked on this project: 2hrs


  1. Val Bailon

    Haha and you said we don’t listen to the same music, I like your song pic and nice job in describing the song in your own way

  2. Ana Paliotta

    I like how you visualized something as you heard the song.

  3. Ana Paliotta

    I like the use of lining described.

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