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Sound Visualization: Phase 1

Time Taken: 1hour

Satellite -Guster

Satellite by Guster, has like a very soothing and flowing melody. Thats why most of what i sketched is curvy. The lines that are repeated the most are the beats that were most familiar to me. There were some lines that were not curvy at all and that was towards the middle of the song, where i heard this one single beat that stuck out to me.

I tried my best too just feel the music and go with its flow. The artist is describing a girl as a work of art. She’s his “satellite”. On the final product of my sketch I’ve realized that it looks like the sky. which relates to what the artist is communicating, the girl is his all. She’s always the first star that he finds. It’s a love song. The soothing and flowing melody makes you fell and understand his drive towards her.


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  1. Katherine Alvarez

    I love that song! interesting imagination

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