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Sound Visualizations: Phase 1

Calling To The Night(Link)

Hours took for project: 1

The song starts off with a flute intro with piano. It is smooth and flows together not slow, but not fast, it gives the air of an introduction to a memory. The sort behind this song is of a war veteran loosing what little he has left, and only having memory and tragedy. A woman beings to sing, it is soft and echos. The beginning of the song sounds like the start to a story of a memory.

The flute quiets and drums and trumpets begin to sound, making the song dramatic. The woman’s singing sounds more desperate as she sings,”calling into the night…fighting for what’s right…” The song continues on with the trumpets and drums rising and falling with violin in the background giving a touch of sadness to the war-like sounds of the drums and trumpets. The song quiets towards the end and the flute is heard one last time with the woman singing in a hushed voice that slowly fades away.

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  1. Katherine Alvarez

    this song sounds interesting

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