First Year Learning Community

Sound Visualization: Phase 1

Hours Worked On: 1 Hour


When the song starts, it has a very gentle beginning, which I symbolized with straight lines. It then quickly escalates into a bold beat that feels like hammers on stone. This jump is what intrigues me in this song. From then, there are also vocal choirs that give the whole song a spiritual sensation. The percussion used in the song also helps to keep listeners interested in what comes next.

Then there’s the actual rapper himself. When he starts, the words he uses tend to immediately grab your attention and pull you into the beat. This also makes it feel like he is radiating a wavelength of power. He then starts to synchronize with the beat of the soundtrack and completely engulf you in the sound, like a bubble.

Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks


  1. Haley

    I like the song you choosed.

  2. Donasia White

    I love Childish Gambino and the song you chose is really good, your description of how you see the song visually is impressive. Good job !!

  3. Franco

    Your description of the song was very good, it made me envision your thoughts well as I read your post and listened to the song.

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