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Sound Visualizations: phase 1

It is like a slow motion intro with a lots of memories in it.  Then the rap hits in for more memory. The rap was cut in a sudden with soft sad voice continue with the lyrics  and repeat. It is like a smooth soft straight line at first, then the rap is like a hit that turns the line in a different direction. After the rap is ended, the line seem to be back on track with the smooth line.The lyrics was all repeating about seeing you again. This can be symbolize with a repeated image of a face.

When they look back at their pathway that they had been went through together,they saw their hard work and wanted to share the memories with each other when they meet each other again.It show that the songwriter is looking forward to being reunited with his friend.This part can be symbolize with footsteps on a pathway.As you going  in deep in the lyrics, it talk about one is wishing the other one to have the best. For example, like how he chose his way in the future, it will always lead him home.It shows that their friendship had been going hard even when one of them is not here anymore. This can be showing with a straight line, then split into many lines going different direction.

When I first listen to the song, I though was some kind of love song, but when you go deep in it, you found out that it was for memorial of Paul Walker that had been pass away.The song represent sadness after you know the story behind it.

See you again- Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth

Work time: 1 hour


  1. Haley

    I like how you described the song.

  2. KD

    you described the song very well

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