The sounds from the song “I’ll Show You” by Justin Bieber┬ástarts off as constant and extremely soft. I visualize the song starting in a circular pattern, and then exceedingly increasing in rhythm. The variety throughout the song appears to be repeating, but it also has a specific flow. In the song some sounds go sharp, following a flowing type of sound. I greatly understand the meaning of the song when I actually listen to the beat/flow. The intention of the artist is to get people to understand how he feels, and he surely does deliver the message.┬áThe songwriter had a goal of creating a raw beat, that allows the artist to express different emotions. People are extremely critical when it comes to Bieber himself, but without a question he made this song special.

The combination of the beat and the consistency went together well in the process. When creating rhythm and music in general, its important for their to be emotion. When creating the sketch I noticed the beginning of the song, had a clear visual. I sat and listened to the┬ásong atleast 3 times and this helped out a lot, The artist creates a sense of vulnerability, which also helps to make a song song better. This songs sticks out to me because I feel it shows how open and honest, someone can get, even when it isn’t easy to be.

Work Time: 1 Hour