The song starts of with faint drum sounds and a muffled guitar. It slowly starts getting louder and then he starts singing. To me it sounds like a kind of raspy rough voice. It continues for a while until it starts sounding muffled or as if it’s underwater and then you can only hear the beat of the song. The way I imagined this if they were lines or shapes would be with a kind of rough thump that continuously occurs. The thump would be a rectangle shape the increases and decreases in size.

I also see a very sharp line increasing and decreasing in size as the clapping or drum sounds occur. I continue to imagine this as he starts singing but later on when the song sounds muffled, I picture the thumps and sharp lines starting to get very wavy but still preserving their rough texture. The song is very repetitive and I picture that throughout the song. I would also picture the lines and shapes moving up and down to the rhythm of the song.

Milky Chance – Stolen Dance Edit

Work time: 30 minutes