Class Notes 12/12: Project #5 and Prep for Final

How do we read actively, with pen in hand?

  • look for words to look up
  • annotate each paragraph
    • to say what it’s about
    • to say what it’s doing
  • what are your thoughts–maybe paragraph by paragraph
  • write a summary
  • questions:
    • what questions do you have?
    • what questions could the final exam ask?
    • Question A: 1-names the title, author(s), short summary; 2-your task: agree or disagree with a specific claim from the reading; 3-write a thesis-driven essay; 4-use any evidence; 5-use evidence from the text [include at least one quotation and explain how it relates to your argument]
      • addresses the central argument

Project #2 First Draft

Question: Can you see yourself doing anything else?

A: There is one other thing that I can possibly see myself doing but it would take a lot of effort and dedication put into it to actually receive an outcome from it. That one thing would be streaming or doing Youtube as a content creator. Being a content creator on those platforms can also expand my creativity while being myself as a person. I was unsure if I would be successful in that direction so I decided to become a graphic designer as a ComD major to have that firm ground … Read More...

Project #2 First Draft

Question: “What is your dream job in the field of design?”

My dream job would have to be, being an animator either for a big animation studio or an animation studio of my very own. From an early age, I’ve been interested in becoming an animator and how animators could make their ideas come to life. I grew up watching all kinds of animations and was always invested in how the characters were able to come to life. I strive to make my own characters and worlds with their own unique story, so that I may share it with others. … Read More...

project #2 first draft

what is your motivation (eg creative expression) in graphic design?

My motivation in graphic design is to learn more of what’s there to get out  and develop from it. I have created certain things like creating logos or learned the ways with photography or how to use the photoshop programs to develop new creations. I believe that what I’m learning right now is helping me improve with new experience on how there is many ways to present or demonstrate within my projects or homeworks, by following the guidelines, suggestions, and other opinions of other classmates. I use everything I have … Read More...

project #2 first draft

Question: who is your role model in design

Answer: My role model in design is no other than Mr. Andy Warhol himself. I fell in love with his work when I was in 6th grade as a way to express myself without using my words. I always loved the way he made pop art and used it to express himself though things you would never imagine like a banana. I also love his sneaker collaboration with converse, which also happens to be my favorite sneaker brand because they allows you to create your own ideas on your sneakers. I believe … Read More...

Project #2 First Draft

Why did you choose this major (COMD)?

The reason why I chose Communication Design as my major is because of the interest I have for website making and apps. I find it captivating the way I can create and build visual stories with technology that makes it very appealing. It is a skill that will continue to expand into the future.  It will continue improve, enhance and be empowering into the next generation.

I am keen to enhance my learning on this area in order to communicate and socialize with people across the spectrum of the social media and internet.  … Read More...

Project #2 First draft

Q:Do you prefer working by yourself or in a group environment?

I prefer working by myself but if I  have to do a group project, I  don’t mind. Working by myself is better because I get to see what I have to do and I  can concentrate on doing the whole thing rather than just one part. For a group project, sometimes it might be hard seeing what everyone else is working on but also, I think if the whole group keeps in check, we might be able to do the whole project and get a good grade on it. … Read More...

Project #2 first draft

Question: what catches your eye when looking at other people’s work?

Answer: Something that catches my eye when I am looking at other people’s designs and artwork is the certain colors and shapes they use. In my opinion when it comes to shapes a good artist knows how to make it work for them while a great artist makes you look and the shapes in a different way that you never thought of looking at it before. It’s basically the same thing when it comes to colors. A good artist knows how to use colors that match while a great Read More...

project #2 first draft

Question 1 -Do you see yourself doing anything else?

Surprisingly I do if later on I believe ComD isn’t my major than id see myself  in some kind of photography business. I always enjoyed taking pictures and getting the angles right .I don’t own no fancy camera or anything but I do have a phone. I mostly enjoy taking pictures of like sunsets and the sky . more like anything with an amazing view . I hope later on I get a chance to take photography at City Tech . I know photography sounds easy and all but I believe … Read More...

Project #2 first draft

Q: Why did you choose COMD as your major?

A: I chose Comd as my major because I wanted to experience more techniques for art, and since it’s graphic design based. All my other previous ways of art have been painting to drawing and photography. Therefore I wanted to expand my creative skills so I can apply it to my future projects or jobs. Entering the major also because it’s about communication , and teamwork, meaning that every artwork created by students gets criticized so that way one can get better with their art since they’re receiving feedback on how … Read More...