Project #2 First Draft

Why did you choose this major (COMD)?

The reason why I chose Communication Design as my major is because of the interest I have for website making and apps. I find it captivating the way I can create and build visual stories with technology that makes it very appealing. It is a skill that will continue to expand into the future.  It will continue improve, enhance and be empowering into the next generation.

I am keen to enhance my learning on this area in order to communicate and socialize with people across the spectrum of the social media and internet.  I will be able to make presentations using power point and other creative tools to share and inform the various communities of people. I feel that I  am skillful using the computer and this gives me an advantage to explore deeper into the realm of communication design. I feel that I am also a very social person who like communicating not only orally but also through the use of the communication technologies.

What are some difficulties you face in COMD?

In Communication Design I have faced some difficulties that have challenged  my abilities. One such difficulty is that I struggled with is my  drawing skills  in the Foundation Drawing class and the Graphic Design class. I am not very artful and presently does not possess many drawing skills unlike some other students. I find it difficult to get my ideas depicted  on paper in a good enough way for the viewer to understand and to see my point of view. I am taking it step by step to illustrate the figures that are needed to make the pictures come alive and I am trying to overcome these challenges.  With constant practice, hard work and motivation I am sure that I will get better and  overcome this obstacle.

What in your classes draws your attention?

I am absolutely  thrilled with the Visual Library in my Graphic Design class. It give me a chance to post things that I find interesting or important on a daily basis. I like the discussions we have about them and the way the Professor gives us an opportunity to talk about every detail in each of our pictures.  Another thing that draws my attention in one of my other classes is the belief breakdown in my Typography class. The teacher makes sure that while we are learning about San Serif and Serif Fonts she tells us the history behind it and how those things affected us today. It opened my eyes to see how advanced technology has become since the first printing press.

What are your expectations of being a COMD major in your first year?

My expectations of being a COMD major in my first year is to familiarize myself with subject matter of Typography and Photoshop in an optimal way. I expect to learn and develop myself in all the fundamentals of foundation drawing, graphic design, and all my other courses and to excel  at these learning.  I hope to improve myself  and work toward becoming the best that I can be and have my performance reflect the hard work and time that I intend to devote to this course.

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