My name is Elijah Castra and I am 18 years old attending city tech for communication design, hoping to develop skills a graphic designer or gamer designer in my time being here. I went to a high school in Brooklyn called S.T.A.R Early College H.S. Some of my hobbies include playing video games (such as call of duty, 2k, fortnite, rocket league, gta etc…), I also upload YouTube videos of me playing games(sometimes), I like to draw, write my own stories, and chill with my friends. I am not the most social person so I guess I’m “anti-social” it’s just that things in my past just make me have issues when it comes to meeting new people. I am very interested to see how my time here at city tech will be and gonna try to make the most of what I do here

Logos & Their Products

Marco Schembri

Italian designer Marco Schembri’s logo series is intended to be funny. But it also makes me think about how product and logo designers can powerfully influence what consumers consume. Should designers consider the negative impact of the companies they design for?

Sayej , Nadja . “What Famous Logos Would Look Like If They Were Affected by the Products They Sell.” How., 16 Nov. 2016.