Saturation Ranges

Define : Saturation Scales








Develop : Painting



Overall, I enjoyed experimenting with the different colors of paint and attempting to blend them into one another in order to create a new shade. For me, the most difficult part of this project was getting the colors of the sky to blend together seamlessly. Also, I rushed to get this project done which is why it’s not my neatest nor most appealing work. It definitely didn’t come out how I wanted it to, but I had fun working on it.



Class Notes 12/3: Project #4 and more

What do you need to do to finish the semester in all of your classes? What advice do you need? What advice do you have to offer your classmates?

  • how do I know what my grades are?
  • how do I improve my grades between now and the end of the semester?
  • how do I pace my work?
  • how do I avoid procrastination?


  • break up the work into manageable parts
  • do some at school and some at home (G600 Mac Lab, or Mac Lab in the library, Voorhees 2nd floor, which lets you print 150 pages for the week, library study rooms for 3+ people, Pearl 1st floor COMD)–or wherever you like to work (home, subway, BPL on Remsen)
  • Math tutoring Library building Ground Floor.
  • finish it and then you have Winter Break
  • Ask for clarification or advice
  • take advantage of office hours

What’s left?

  • Project #4: parts 3 and 4 due 12/5 end-of-day
  • Review for final 12/10 and 12/12
  • Project #5 due 12/12
  • Glossary wrap-up due 12/17
  • final exam 12/17
  • final critique 12/19

Review statements made for Project #4.

  • What are the features of your chosen format?
  • What makes it that kind of statement?
  • How is it different from other formats of statements?
  • What resources did you use to know how to craft your statement?
  • Complete this sentence: According to ______, a feature of this format of statement is ________.
  • What needs revision to help it match your chosen format?

Possible outline for Part 4:

Intro: this is what statement I chose because xyz

Next: and what one feature is

Next: This is what I did

Next: This is another feature

Next: this is what I did

Intro: this is what statement I chose because xyz

I wrote about x:

X is a feature of the format

I used y

Y is a feature of the format

I expressed z

Z is a feature of the format


Post Part 3 and Part 4 separately, using tags to differentiate


12/5: finish Part 4 of Project #4, submit all parts by the end of the day on 12/5

Practice final exam: vote=no practice final

12/12 Field trip: should we go? if so, to which, the Brooklyn Museum or the Brooklyn Public Library? Other options?

project 4

Something I learned form this project is that when I procrastinate it only causes me pain and street. Something I could have done better is take my time to cut out the layers better to make it more realistic but it still came out pretty good. Based off what I learned from this project one thing I would like to take with me to my next project is patience. If you are behind or don’t understand what you are doing, stop ask my teacher for help or stay after class for extra help.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     discover :       i was making the colorwheel to understand the colors that complement eachother                                                   This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.


                                                                       define:  I made color boxes of chromatic colors . i would mix some colors to make the color more muted gradually.



Deliver: finally cutting out pieces of different values of blue then putting them together creating the collage you can see how it gradually gets from dark to light

Project 4 completed


For the first part of this project, we had to learn about the color wheel, like what ROYGBV is, and what primary and secondary colors are. The color wheel I made is made up of primary and secondary colors.



This is one of the saturation scales I had to do. It’s primary colors and secondary colors.

This is another saturation scale. It involves tint, which is adding white to a color to make it lighter


This is the atmospheric landscape I created. I created it by using tint, and adding white to purple to make it lighter