Color Harmony


color harmony
color harmony


color harmony
color harmony


color harmony


in my opinion this was the funniest easiest and shorts project we have ever had. I wish we would have done more projects like this. Every thing was straight forward and easy to understand.

4 thoughts on “Color Harmony”

  1. I really love your project, pokemon is my childhood. I like the way how you included multiple pokemons. I also like how your color palettes matches the color of the pokemon.

  2. I like the painting you did because the colors are pretty similar to the colors you see from the palette you did from the image you used. It was a good choice for using the pokemons as your reference into panting them due to their color.

  3. I agree that this was one of the best projects! I think the palette you chose is unique and creative, especially when you chose to do the Pokemon that pretty much go with it.

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