Project 5 (Final)

As This semester finally comes to an end; it started off easy and smooth but on the long run it started to get challenging with the assignments and exams every class threw at me. I overcame , doing better on some things than others but at the end you learn what you did wrong and how to work on it. For an example I did poorly in some exams because of the lack of study based off putting my time into assignments that were due the same day as the exam. Therefore this was time management I was struggling with and to be honest this semester has taught me to be more wise and organized with my time and how I should apply it to getting assignments done before getting them piled up. Secondly after getting the assignments or exams I did poorly on I would notice what was wrong by the professors guiding me through it and it honestly helped , I would either fix the issue on the next project or if it was an exam , I would go to tutoring to receive help , at the end you must apply yourself to things that will benefit you, if not then you’ll become lost and hopeless.

Me as a writer this semester I’ve learned that things don’t always have to be strictly written as a format, it can be creative as long as you do get the points out there for the reader to understand unless following a format is strictly demanded. For an example in English 1101 where we had to explain what our avatar from the openlab website meant. I felt like I pushed my self to write more and things I normally didn’t write that were deep , as in meaning and feelings. I explained my point of how my avatar describes me as a person adding on to what emotion and vibe It gives off. Also describing how the image looks itself. And from that I felt like whenever something its written by your ideas and thoughts , you will explain thoroughly and deeply because it’s only your perception and nobody can change that , and I’ve learned that.

What I’ve learned as a designer is that there’s many ways to create something digitally, whether it be photoshop or illustrator, even though I had issues because I wasn’t experienced enough, I still learned new skills. An example was in ComD 1100 , where we had to add the painting , picture, and the posterized edit on photoshop. After having all three images together, I learned how to mess around into making it as an animation , playing around with the swatches and effects , I finally got an outcome and it looked interesting.

With this information I can use it to my future in finishing my college based on not being stuck on a paragraph but just letting me ideas flow and making it creative but yet organized and getting the points across. And for my future career I can learn to practice these digital art skills so therefore I can expand my skillset and apply it to new projects . Finally with having to work on my time management to have things run smoother and not so cramped up.

Ways Of Reflecting Final

This semester, I have made a lot of improvements in my writing. I learned that not all the writings I do have to follow the same format. There are other creative styles that I can follow when I’m writing, such as interviews, letters, personal essays, descriptive essays, and persuasive essays. I had a lot of experience with formal writings such as research and persuasive essays but I’m glad I got to experience different formats this semester. The glossary was an important part of this English class. It really helped me a lot to have a place where I can write the definition of words that I didn’t know. The glossary was a good way for me to expand my vocabulary with new words that I now understand and feel comfortable using. There were many instances in a lot of our readings where I did not understand part of the reading just because I did not know what a word meant; having the glossary helped me further understand the readings and made the readings more clear because it was like a mini-dictionary but based on words that the whole class came across. 

As a college student, this semester, I learned how to perform better under pressure and how to deal with pressure. I learned how to work faster and come up with things faster. Unlike high school, where I got weeks to do a 2-5 page project, I always had enough time to do multiple drafts when It came to writing projects whereas in college, I a project due each week if not multiple projects due in one week. I also learned that friendships are also a very valuable part of college. Having friends that I can rely on whenever I need something and that can help me stay motivated throughout the year was a big part of a successful first semester as a college student. Another thing that I learned was to be a more organized student. I learned how to deal with a more diverse schedule. In High school, I had the same schedule in terms of hours, compared to college, where I have classes throughout the day, including at night time.

This semester, as a design student in COMD, I got the chance to explore different forms of design. When I made my decision to do Communication Design at City Tech, I joined because I wanted to be a graphic designer and I thought I would only have classes related to raster and vector only. Not only did I have the chance to do raster and vector this term, but I also got to explore other styles of design such as illustration and painting which I never thought I would do. As a design student, I learned to write down ideas and I explored other methods to brainstorming such as using a mind map to put my ideas and thoughts together. In the essay, “Why Collaborate” By Ellen Lupton, she states, “Students create social networks in school that can last a lifetime. The people you hang out with are a source of artistic inspiration, healthy competition, and informal education that could be more important than what you officially learn in class.” I agree with this statement because having close friends is really an important part of being a COMD major. This program requires a lot of communication and a lot of teamwork. Critiquing is also a big part of this program that is why having friends that will give you positive and negative feedback is important.