Erroneous (adjective)

Erroneous [ uhroh-nee-uhs, e-roh– ]

Definition 1: containing error; mistaken; incorrect; wrong:

Definition 2: straying from what is moral, decent, proper, etc.


Sentence: “Rather than fall back on our erroneous belief in the pleasures of solitude, we could reach out to other people.”


initiative (noun)

initiative [ini·​tia·​tive | \ i-ˈni-shə-tiv]

Definition: an introductory step


Sentence: “Dr. Epley and Ms. Schroeder found that when one person took the initiative step to speak to another in a waiting room, both people reported having a more positive experience.”



Pragmatic(prag’ madik)

Definition: dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

Sentence: “Using my background knowledge from working as a graphic designer, I employ a rational, logical and pragmatic approach when making work.”



Myopic: (Adjective)

  • Lacking in foresight or discernment: narrow in perspective and without concern for broader implications

In the article “What If You Could choose between the fastest Route and the Most Beautiful? The author, Lex Berko states “Your commute to work and your walk to the shop don’t have to be so myopic and destination-driven.”

The author used the word Myopic in this sentence to say that people don’t have to be so short-sighted, If you take different routes to work every day, you might get to experience different things that will shape the way you see your city.”



Lexical (Adjective)

:of or relating to words or the vocabulary of a language distinguished from its grammar and construction.

Reading “Revision strategies of student writers and experienced adult writers ” Page 382 line 8 of the 2nd paragraph.

“What is curious, however , is that students are aware of lexical repetition but not conceptual repetition .”

Students are very aware to be able to catch similar words and tell the difference because of the way the words are spelled out . although they almost mean the same .