BRIC Field Trip

The artist who work I chose was Mona Saeed Kamal and the title of this work is called “1001 Migrations”. When I first looked at this artwork I first thought that the artist was trying to convey a message of “similarity within diversity” because all the ships look the same (form/shape wise) but they are also different as they have a different color on each of them and placed in a different orientation. Upon reading further about Mona and her work I found out that she is a person of South Asian heritage, who was born in Algeria but raised in Canada. Which i found to be interesting because there is a high amount of diversity within those 3 areas.(From the book from BRIC)  “All 1001 paper boats were hand-folded and painted, each differentiated with flowers and plants, with the boats themselves signifying journeys of migration in all their forms.” Which relates back to the central theme of “similarity within diversity” because all the boats are the same and represent migration but at the same time all of them are painted for a different reason,and in a different way all to represent a different form of migration.


This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative. Mona Saeed Kamal, 1001 Migrations

the art work that I liked was “1001 Migrations” by Mona Saeed Kamal. her origins come from India, raised in Canada and now living in New York. She conveys a story of migration , religion, nationalism, and cultures through her artwork. Her artwork consist of video, installations , and multimedia. The message she conveys in this artwork is definitely migration   by the title and also by giving us the number count of the paper boats. Another thing that is shown is that every boat is a different color and I felt with the colors she conveyed different ethnicities with each boat. The boats look like some are going the same direction while others aren’t , so she conveys a sense of direction ; to wherever the boats are migration to. what informs her creative vision is her background as ethnicity plus places shes been to besides her hometown and birth place. Also the stores of other people.



This piece by Morehshin Allahyari named, “She who sees the unknown: Aisha Qandisha”, really stood out to me, and caught my interest. The creator of this piece was trying to portray a sense of discomfort to the viewers, when looking at it. I was definitely uncomfortable listening to the audio while watching the video of the Aisha Qandisha spinning around. I did some research on what Aisha Qandisha means, she’s a female who appears as a beautiful woman to lure in men, but has a sinister past with dark motives, she’s part of the Moroccan folklore. This really reminds of the mythology of Medusa. Both Medusa and Aisha Qandisha appear as beautiful woman in an attempt to get men, just to only kill them later on. I think Morehshin Allahyari was looking at this project in a way to frighten the viewers, you can certainly tell shes very much into Myths, and folklore. To cap it all off, it was a great experience for me visiting BRIC, i saw a lot of great pieces, by many great artists, but this piece is the winner for me.


I chose this piece of art work by Nooshin Rotsami , she is from Shahroud Iran but is a  New York based artist ( Brooklyn) . She mainly works with light and the language of abstraction, it also includes drawing, sculpture, video and performance. The artists mainly focuses in giving a meditation vibe to her art work. “In the small, darkened space the glass globe sits on a pedestal reflecting and refracting the light projected through them  creating shadows and wave like figure” the artists goal is to make the audience think about her art work. Personally I really enjoyed going into this dark room its just looked so peaceful and calming since it looked like water waves and being able to move the light around the crystal ball and being able to see all these shadows surrounding it. there wasn’t much color it was mostly whites and blacks and the room itself was very geometric. Overall it was a great experience .


It’s funny because the name of the place is BRIC, and it was actually BRIC outside. Signified the weather yesterday perfectly.

Anyway, the piece I chose was Gail Biederman: The Feel of a Place. It’s an installation made from materials ranging from yarn and felt to nails, each tailored and arranged to evoke different elements of Brooklyn’s waterfront. I chose this piece because, to me, it was the most relatable piece to me that I can find. I felt like it represented New York in a creative and artistic way. The colored lines, to me, felt like train/subway lines you would often see on the maps and that would travel all around New York City. I think it’s showing mainly Brooklyn and bits of the whole city itself. It also shows the city blocks and gives a feel of the condensed, packed city we have all around us. I’m super New York so this piece was for me. Gotta show more love to the Bronx though.