It’s funny because the name of the place is BRIC, and it was actually BRIC outside. Signified the weather yesterday perfectly.

Anyway, the piece I chose was Gail Biederman: The Feel of a Place. It’s an installation made from materials ranging from yarn and felt to nails, each tailored and arranged to evoke different elements of Brooklyn’s waterfront. I chose this piece because, to me, it was the most relatable piece to me that I can find. I felt like it represented New York in a creative and artistic way. The colored lines, to me, felt like train/subway lines you would often see on the maps and that would travel all around New York City. I think it’s showing mainly Brooklyn and bits of the whole city itself. It also shows the city blocks and gives a feel of the condensed, packed city we have all around us. I’m super New York so this piece was for me. Gotta show more love to the Bronx though.

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