Ways of Seeing Project


This semester-long, cross-disciplinary student project will be a collection of words and images that communicate your personal creative vision.

Drawing from a shared, student-created Glossary of words and Visual Library of images, developed on the Ways of Seeing OpenLab course site, you will choose words that inspire you and pair them with images, colors, patterns, lines, shapes, and illustrations that capture your unique voice and vision.


  • The lens through which you see the world
  • Your unique “ways of seeing
  • A collection of values that are imbued with your cultures, families, friends, loves, hates, aspirations, successes, failures, inspirations, and devastations.
  • All the things that make you who you are
  • It’s what inspires your creative work

Your Ways of Seeing Project

As we enter the last six weeks of the semester, you will be ramping up your collection of inspiring or intriguing words and images using the Visual Library and shared Glossary. A selection of these words and images will be used in your Ways of Seeing culmination project.

Project Requirements

  • (8) compositions, using a combination of text and image, that communicate your personal creative vision
  • Front cover with the title, author/pseudonym
  • Back page with your creative vision statement and date. (You may choose to incorporate your vision statement within the compositions or on a specific page in your collection instead.)
  • Optional: A credits page if you need to cite sources besides your own work.


  • PDF book / presentation
  • Each composition will be a page in your book.
  • IMPORTANT: If you use someone’s image, you must get permission or it must be in the public domain. And you must cite the creator’s name either as part of the composition or on a credits page.


  • November 25th: Creative Vision Defined
  • December 2nd: Initial Layouts Completed
  • December 9th: Creative Vision Statement Completed
  • December 16th: Your Ways of Seeing Collection DUE