mission statement part #4

A mission statement is a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual. It can also describes the purpose of a business.But the main purpose of a mission statement is to serve as a company’s goal,agenda or identity, it clearly outlines what the goal is.

The reason I chose a mission statement is because it fits my ideals and what I inspire to be as a designer. A mission statement is very clear and specific as well as easy to understand. The best way to describe a good misson statememt is Chuck Cohn’s interpretation of one. CEO and Founder of Varsity Tutors, guest writer at Entrepenuer.com in his article”4 Techniques for Crafting a Mission Statement Worth Remembering” he wrote “A company’s mission statement can come in many forms. Do you promise to put your customers’ needs first or to develop quality products, innovative applications or intuitive technology? Some statements are only a sentence, while others may run several paragraphs.” Ultimately, he is noting that theirs alot of freedom in writing one theirs not one size fit all formula to it.

However, He also states a couple tips to help create one. “Define your purpose,Be specific,Inspire and keep it succint” He mentions asking ourselfs why our company exists as well as making our mission plausible and attainable can help create an effective mission statement. It can also be powerful to include an inspirational element as well as not using Buzzwords and jargon it could enhance a mission statement greatly. It’s also important to recognize how lengthy we make our mission statement. Cohn states “Some of the biggest companies in the world devote full pages to their mission statements, but that may not be the ideal way to convey your enterprise’s particular message. When writing your mission statement, try to be as concise as possible. If it’s lengthy, pare it to sharpen your vision and delivery.”

With that in mind I believe anyone could write a mission statement because of how simple and effective it is. For example if I were to write a mission statement using my knowledge earned from researching and the tips from Chuck Cohn’s. It would be “It all starts with an idea. I Striving to meet and exceed my expectations as well as others.”



mission statement part 3

Mission Statement

A mission statement is a short proclamation or statement of what the overall goal is. It’s an expression, made by leaders and their desires and intent for the organization. A good mission statement creates a sense of identity for its employees. which could guide and inspire organization to succeed. Mission statement normally do not change their statements since they define their continuous purpose or focus.

Mainly I chose a mission statement because I believe my ideas and the reasons I became a designer aligned with that as well as what best represents me. For example, my art, my forms of artistic expression, my fashion choices, my digital designs or simply what attracts me as an artist boils down to how much of that art piece carry’s an identity or expression that creates a sense of purpose. It should be specific and a common guide or goal.

Hence, my artwork is usually straightforward and to the point. I create an objective and stick to it.Usually it shows what I am trying to show through my design and what message I want to get across to the audience. I also believe that a mission statement represents me because major companies like Amazon,Nike or Apple use their mission statements to inspire and interest their targeted audience. which as a designer I believe we can use to our advantage to help portray and accomplish our goals.

Project #4 : Designer Statement

Part 4

    A designer statement allows readers to gain insight on a designer’s thought process and the meaning behind their work. It consists of the designer’s inspirations, style, their perspective on things, and the message that they would like to convey through the work that they produce. It has no particular or set list of guidelines concerning the format. The designer is free to make it as short as a paragraph, or as long as an essay. It’s all up to the designer as long as there are no specific requirements that have to be met concerning institutions, businesses, or galleries. Having said that, the designer should, however, strive to include a few points that are key in allowing the reader to truly understand the thought process and significance surrounding an article of work. A designer should always explain the meaning behind their work by expanding on, who or what their inspirations are, what their preferred style is, the impact they would like to make, what the piece means to them, and overall, simply the purpose behind the creation. 


Part 3

    I chose this format because it allows the audience to gain knowledge on the designer’s creative drive and it also adds sentimental value to a creation. I strive to make sure that every piece of work I produce is as perfect, or close to perfect as can be. I want people to get a sense of how much time and effort I put into each piece based on how precise my work is. Additionally, I always incorporate some sort of meaning behind each of my creations, or begin a project with a set intention, all of which add value and significance. A designer statement can greatly affect the way someone views an article of work. Something that may come across to viewers as bland, boring, and meaningless, might actually seem to come together and make sense once the purpose behind it is unraveled. This format allows the audience to view different forms of work through the designer’s eye and their vision, which can often times add more worth to a piece than initially perceived. This is what I aspire to achieve with whatever it is that I create.  



Designer Statement Part 4

Cristal Castro is a European-American communication design student at the New York City College of Technology, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She hopes to refine her skills in all types of design to expand her knowledge in the field and become successful.

For this project, I decided to do a designer statement. A designer statement is similar to an Artist’s Statement, which is a brief description of the creative process and the work produced. A designer statement allows the reader to gain insight on the designer’s inspirations and style, along with their creative perspective. They are often written as a short (50-100 word) and/or a long (500-1000 word) version of the same statement, and they may maintain and revise these statements throughout their careers. They would be edited to suit the requirements of specific funding bodies or galleries as part of the application process.

When you are writing a designer statement, you don’t just want to discuss the process of creating your artwork; you want to think about your thought process, what your work and inspirations say about you as a designer. Some questions that you should have while writing this kind of statement would be: “What does your work express? Why are you doing this? What inspired you to make this?” Creating a mind map before putting your designer statement together is a great way to jot down all of your ideas.

I chose this type of statement because it allows me to express myself in a way that others can understand me. I like to look at it as the grand tour of your mind, you show the steps you took to create the product, how your creative perspective reflects on your work, etc. I believe that as a designer it is important for your audience to see from your perspective and understand why you do what you do/how you create something. because once they see it, that’s when their entire perspective of your work changes. For example, if I were to create an orange blob, your first thought may be, “Okay, this is just an orange blob. What is the point of making a blob?” However, if I were to write about how it represents my love for making slime and that the first one I ever made was the color orange, you may see it differently. You see how much impact a designer statement can have on your work? It’s amazing.


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Project 4-part 4

A design statement is an analysis of a project’s structure. In order to make a design statement,  you must explain the analysis of the project’s context, summarize the key components of the planning context, and identify the primary opportunities and constraints identified from the analysis provided. There is no real definitive format for a design statement but most businesses require one in standard essay format. The audience that a designer statement is intended for is the viewer and the public. A designer statement is used to help the audience have a better understanding of the designers piece of work and the designers purpose/process . My design statement is to create stunning graphics with special effects, color alterations, etc. I would also consider motion graphics as well as they are becoming more and more popular these days. I would even go as far as to learn true animation of objects. I wish to do this for video games, movies, posters, and websites.


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Designer Statement pt4

I chose this format because, a Designer Statements talks about your process, and what inspired it.

“Show that you have thought about the context of the site and the surrounding area. Indicate what groups and parties will be involved in discussing the development. Evaluate the information to determine opportunities and limitations that could influence the development. The design statement should make readers aware of why any elements they may not agree with or understand have been included. The statement is effectively the story behind the development and is a chance to show that the decisions you have made are based on a deep understanding of the location.” I agree with those statements because, as a designer you need a process to map out exactly what you plan on doing in your work. And a designer statement should show an accurate demonstration of that.

Why a designer statement is different than others is because, it is about your process, every designer has a process that helps them make a visually appealing design. Every designer statement contains 5 steps, the 1st is to do research. When you’re given a design brief to do, you have to do research about the company and find out what colors or type to use depending on the company. Secondly, you do sketches, anything that comes to mind you put on paper. The third step, you pick one of those sketches you drew and refine them. On the fourth step, you bring your sketch to life, by working on it on illustrator or Photoshop, or whatever design software you use. Lastly you get feedback from your peers or anyone.



Designer Statement pt3


Samson Charles is a designer who is currently studying design at New York City College of Technology. He is pursuing his Associates of Arts degree first, and right after his BFA(Bachelors of Fine Arts). He has high hopes and aspirations on becoming the best designer he can be.

Designer Statement

A designer statement is about you and your artwork. It’s about describing the process you went through to come up with your final product. It’s also a great way for other people to know what type of designer you are, and what influences your work.

My designer statement comprises of many steps. When i have an idea or thought, or whether it may be a brief from a client, professor, or anyone, i then do some research and find out the best possible components that would make my artwork both visually appealing to the client and i.

The process i went through to begin this project was looking at a bunch of pieces i made before college. Now with a little bit more knowledge about designing work, i realized my older pieces had so many flaws, just the little things threw my artwork off. But i learned from it, and it made me better than i was couple months ago.

Design illustration

Mission statement (part 4)

A mission statement is a short statement of why an organization exists, what the overall goal is, and identifying the goal of its operations or values. It usually is straight to the point and is much shorter than other statements. A mission statement can surprise, inspire, and transform your business. When making one, the goal has to be realistic and attainable. A great mission statement can guide and lead a company from the bottom all the way to the top

I chose a mission statement because I think it best fits me. It can be short and simple and to the point. My mission statement is that I want to find a style I’m good with expand on it. It could be drawing, sculpting, painting, whatever I have the most fun with and it appeals to me. Then I want to be able to become a part of something big, like the development of a video game and be able to use what I learned to help the team out and share my ideas with others. This is a realistic and attainable goal, I feel like I can reach this goal if I try

One feature of a mission statement is that you have to target a specific audience. When having a business, its good that you appeal to a certain group of people. For example, if someone is making a Jordan shoe company they’re mission statement might want to be targeted towards teen and young adults because those are the people that might wear them the most. My target audience might be people in the gaming scene or technology scene, since I’m trying to become part of video game development. When gamers look at my work, they might want to look more into it.

Another feature of a mission statement is that they have to be realistic and attainable goals. Being unrealistic with goals will make them take a while to achieve. You want to start goals off small and then when the business is moving forward work your way up to some difficult but possible goals to reach. My goal is that I want to find a style that I’m good with and I like so that I can expand on it. Then I want to become part of something like video game development so I can share my ideas and help others

In Tim Berrys “How to write a mission statement in 5 easy steps“, there are 5 steps to making a good mission statement, they are:

  1. Start with a market defining story
  2. Define what your business does for its customers
  3. Define what your business does for its employees
  4. Add what the business does for its owners
  5. Discuss, digest, cut, polish, review, revise

With these steps, I think people that want to write a good mission statement will be able to


Berry, Tim. “How to Write a Mission Statement in 5 Easy Steps.” Bplans Blog, 8 Aug. 2017, https://articles.bplans.com/writing-a-mission-statement/.

project 4

A mission statement is a summary of a company,organization, or individual values. A mission is the “why” of the company about its existence according to Kolowich, Lindsay in “17 truly inspiring company vision and mission statement examples” and its goal, also the impact of the company towards the customers. Most all mission statements is used for companies to tell the public or customers a bit about the company so customers know what to expect or get when using the company. The length of a mission statement does not have to be that long.In “how long should a mission statement be?” Dan Furman states that “Most fall around 2-4 sentences, and 50- 100 words. These statements should be bold, focused, and to the point. Another important think about a mission statement is that it should be changed as the company changes its goals or anything, dont be afraid to change the statement when ever you feel like you need to. Most important is the audience, now the three components to identify the audience is, first the intent the company is reaching for the audience. Second, is what will the audience get from the company’s services. Last, will be the outcome for the audience.

I choose a mission statement because they are very clear and easy to understand, and if i can always change it or add on to it makes the mission statement for me a great way to clearly state my goal. My mission is, “Through my skills of photography and adventure, I will take photos to show the beauty of nature and wildlife.So it will bring people peace and happiness, also a sense of adventure.”As you can see it is not too long of a statement and it is straight to the point of the company. So the “why” of my statement is to bring people’s spirits up, giving them a boost throughout their day. The goal is by using photos of wildlife and nature to bring people happiness also to go and get out there and enjoy life.

Now if you would like to write and mission statement, here is how you would go about doing one. According to “How to write a mission statement in 5 easy steps” by Tim Berry,it should define what the company does for its customers. Define what the company does for its employees and define what the company does for its owners. You want to start off by stating the why of your company, then state the goal of the company. Dont forget to write how the company impacts to customers and impacts itself. Make sure you change the statement if needed, to insure that its up to date with the company.

I believe everyone should make a mission statement because its a great way to have a clear guide on what you want to do. Now it does not have to be public be just for yourself, to have a plan and to change that plan if you want a different outcome. Remember a mission statement is a plan for now, why not have a plan.

How to Write a Mission Statement in 5 Easy Steps





part 4 project 4


A mission statement is formal conclusion based of a company or organization , as well as a person, explaining the specifications of what they offer to customers and the affects it has on the market. I chose mission statement because I want to express and explain what I can create and offer as an artist within the design field.
characteristics of a mission statement are first to figure out what the company/organization or individual wants to offer to customers. As this can be described by https://smallbusiness.chron.com/seven-characteristics-mission-statement stating that “describe the company’s purpose. A small business exists to serve consumer needs in one or more markets.” When the purpose is clear this therefore leads to the start of a mission statement.
Secondly a mission statement needs that target/core audience.
A final characteristic can be to explain the goal within the mission statement, as I said earlier the goal of mine is to satisfy people needs with art either it being a message or having a deeper meaning that meets their personal interest.

The format I chose for project 4 was mission statement because it allowed me to comprehend the way marketing works. For example since my talent is making art and I want to be known in the world, I can do so by writing a mission statement which makes one as a individual or company standout. And how? you may ask, well first of by introducing what they offer and the purpose of the product or skill. Secondly focusing on the target audience can help by your company or as a individual becoming shared then growing more relevant to whatever community or industry it is you’re working towards. Lastly the overall goal which is what the company will do for the people(the impact it leaves) therefore I felt like mission statement was for me.