Designer Statement pt4

I chose this format because, a Designer Statements talks about your process, and what inspired it.

“Show that you have thought about the context of the site and the surrounding area. Indicate what groups and parties will be involved in discussing the development. Evaluate the information to determine opportunities and limitations that could influence the development. The design statement should make readers aware of why any elements they may not agree with or understand have been included. The statement is effectively the story behind the development and is a chance to show that the decisions you have made are based on a deep understanding of the location.” I agree with those statements because, as a designer you need a process to map out exactly what you plan on doing in your work. And a designer statement should show an accurate demonstration of that.

Why a designer statement is different than others is because, it is about your process, every designer has a process that helps them make a visually appealing design. Every designer statement contains 5 steps, the 1st is to do research. When you’re given a design brief to do, you have to do research about the company and find out what colors or type to use depending on the company. Secondly, you do sketches, anything that comes to mind you put on paper. The third step, you pick one of those sketches you drew and refine them. On the fourth step, you bring your sketch to life, by working on it on illustrator or Photoshop, or whatever design software you use. Lastly you get feedback from your peers or anyone.


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