Becoming A College Student


Transitioning from high school to college was much more smooth than I thought it would be because I am more in control. I’m used to being independent and doing my own thing, so this is almost like a piece of cake. Key word: almost. The breaks that I have between my classes give me time to work on any assignments or just hanging out with friends. It’s all up to me, just the way I like it. My favorite class so far is Art History, probably because I’m an art junkie. The class is engaging, and I’ve already learned so much about what art was like back in the Renaissance days. I’ve also learned about what European society was like as well. As for Math, I know everything already so I don’t find that class difficult at all, not even the homework. I can breeze through it no problem. I can’t say much about Public Speaking because I’ve only had that class twice so far. However, I find it annoying how you have to spend more money FOR A CODE. The only thing that I’m still adjusting to is the whole “Learning Community” experience. I keep to myself/my group of friends most of the time. I’m not used to having to interact with those outside of my social group at all. It’s something I’d much rather not do, but if I get to make a friend out of it then that would be great.




All About Me

Here’s A Brief History of who I am, what I do, and why we should be friends: I grew up most of my life in Brooklyn, New York, raised by two loving parents who brought me from Georgetown, Guyana at a young age. My Creative Journey started when my parent sent me to a Performing Arts school Named Meyer Levin, where I found myself falling in love with Acting and Stage Management. I have studied 5 year to perfected this craft and honestly thought that I would be the next Tyler Perry. Only until I reached High School where I found a new love for design, photo shopping, websites and coding, I decided City Tech is where I belong now.

Being a College Freshman is a lot. The transition from high school to college is scary but refreshing at the same time. One thing I love is, getting to create my own schedule and attending classes that I am interested in. The highlight of my High School experience was senior year and the senior activities. I enjoyed the chance to be able to celebrate my achievements and look back to see how far I came. I hope to find a new and better me at City Tech. Someone who is a boss, and a person that can handle time management better, and balance a work and school life like no other. I am a person that is loving and caring with good vibes. I am funny, intelligent, and sassy at times and could be the realist person you see. I would like to get to know everyone else better and can’t wait to see, what is in store these upcoming years.

                            xoxo Cece Style

A collage of Cece Style through the years
All About Me