BHS Field Trip Reflection



What I found really interesting and I would like to learn more about is “The Black Panther”Party .Based on Dr. P. Newton “The Black Panther Party emphasized black pride and self protection against racism that permeated the American law the medical profession-the practices of which Panthers feared it would lead to the genocide of black people. This is a very interesting topic for me and id like to go more into depth with this topic not only was it history but some of these problems are still occurring nowadays such as racism . In the image above you can see fetuses and the word “Sterilization”. African American and other women of color  were forced to get sterilized. This was big issue.

BHS Field Trip Reflection

This advertisement inspired me because it has something to do with smoking. The poster says, “別讓你寶貴的生命在煙霧中消逝” which means don’t let your precious life fade away in the smoke. This poster did stand up to me since my dad used to smoke and my grandpa on the other, he still smokes which is heartbreaking. I found this poster somewhat surprising because it is the only thing in Chinese. Nothing else in the field trip has words in Chinese except this one in particular unexpectedly. After seeing this advertisement poster I feel like my grandpa needs to call the number on the bottom since he does need help and I can’t do a thing.



BHS fieldtrip reflection


I found this skylight interesting because of how colorful the glass piece is all around except for the middle. Another thing that caught my eye is how geometric the design is that it gives off a sense of abstraction but not too much. Lastly the pattern that is shown going around , I thought was very nice by how the design repeats.

BHS Field Trip Reflection

Coloring book

There were many surprising things on this field trip. But to me this coloring book was the most surprising. To be honest I was mostly concerned about who this coloring  was for. Is it for adults? Or is it for children? If it’s for children I understand why because they are informing children at an early age about the dangers of H.I.V, though a fun way but are they introducing it too early. Another thing that surprised me was the time period this coloring book was made in. It was made in 1987.  In the 80s H.I.V was just hitting NY  and the fact that they made a coloring book to raise awareness of the outbreak is really interesting to me.

BHS Field Trip Reflection











I found this work inspiring because It talked about how Muslims started to use green paint in their neighborhoods to encourage change in their community. I found it surprising because painting their neighborhood really worked and the neighborhood became more peaceful the crime rate decline; they came together as a community and did not let people come into their neighborhood to do any kind of harm. I agree with the person that did the work, he said that he wishes the entire city came together to encourage things like this so that we could all have a safer city. After seeing this work, I was curious to know the significance of the color green in Islam and I found out that green is a symbol of nature and life in Islam and also it was supposedly Mohammed’s favorite color according to “Islamic Greenwashing” By Christopher Beam who wrote an article for Slate explaining the significance of the color green in Islam.

“Reading Lucy”

Focused freewrite: Think about a time when you became engrossed in or even obsessed with something you were learning, studying, or experiencing. What did you do to feed and develop that interest, and what was the result?

“Reading Lucy” by Jennifer Egan

  • How is Egan’s research experience an example of what we just wrote about?
  • How is “Reading Lucy” a research essay? how is it different than what we would expect from a research essay?
  • What kind of research is included, and how do we experience it?
  • What does Egan learn about Lucy that makes her feel like they are friends?
  • Where do we see overlaps and juxtapositions?
  • What words do we need defined? What questions do we have?
  • Additional materials: letters, photo

Read and make notes in the margins to help you think about these questions.

Project #3

  • What overlaps or juxtapositions can we find in “Reading Lucy”?
  • What research can we do to prepare for the Project #3 walk?

Field Trip