BHS Field Trip Reflection

This advertisement inspired me because it has something to do with smoking. The poster says, “別讓你寶貴的生命在煙霧中消逝” which means don’t let your precious life fade away in the smoke. This poster did stand up to me since my dad used to smoke and my grandpa on the other, he still smokes which is heartbreaking. I found this poster somewhat surprising because it is the only thing in Chinese. Nothing else in the field trip has words in Chinese except this one in particular unexpectedly. After seeing this advertisement poster I feel like my grandpa needs to call the number on the bottom since he does need help and I can’t do a thing.



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  1. I can understand why this poster stood out to you–it must have seemed like it was speaking directly to you! This is a great example of why the New York City Health Department designs posters in multiple languages–it lets them speak to people in their own language, so they pay more attention. It’s more visually engaging because it’s a language you’re comfortable reading. Having it be a subject that is specifically relevant to you also adds to its power.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise to help the rest of us understand the poster!

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