“Reading Lucy”

Focused freewrite: Think about a time when you became engrossed in or even obsessed with something you were learning, studying, or experiencing. What did you do to feed and develop that interest, and what was the result?

“Reading Lucy” by Jennifer Egan

  • How is Egan’s research experience an example of what we just wrote about?
  • How is “Reading Lucy” a research essay? how is it different than what we would expect from a research essay?
  • What kind of research is included, and how do we experience it?
  • What does Egan learn about Lucy that makes her feel like they are friends?
  • Where do we see overlaps and juxtapositions?
  • What words do we need defined? What questions do we have?
  • Additional materials: letters, photo

Read and make notes in the margins to help you think about these questions.

Project #3

  • What overlaps or juxtapositions can we find in “Reading Lucy”?
  • What research can we do to prepare for the Project #3 walk?

Field Trip

Homework due 10/17

In class on Tuesday, we began discussing Project #3: Ways of Seeing Juxtapositions. Before you embark on your walk in the City Tech vicinity, I ask you to decide if you want to do research first or just set out and explore. In a comment on this post, please write which approach you’re taking (research before exploring or not). Whether you choose to do research first or not, consider what research you could do if you wanted to have a plan, what questions you might ask, and what resources you might consult to find the answers.

It might seem like doing research first is more work–that’s possible. But doing research first might allow you to find a juxtaposition that you’re really interested in. Writing about something you’re interested in will certainly make for a better writing experience than something you don’t care about at all, so the research could be time well spent.

Still, there is something exciting about setting out on an adventure with no sense of what will happen or where you will go. Research could follow based on what you see and what you want to pursue further.