My hand portrait

Dark valueLight valueBroad value

The different values set a tone played along with the way my hands are positioned. For the dark narrow one , it looks very dramatic because of how dark the shadows are surrounding the image and and some parts of my hand . Secondly the broad one has more of a neutral feel by the shadows dont overconsume my hand and my hand is straight out, lastly the light narrow one  seems very calm because of how light it is setting that simple tone off.

Hand Portrait

I put these portraits in order from light to dark because each portrait conveys a different mood. The narrow value range/light shows a calm mood, more like a resting/idle mood. The broad value portrait is a portrait of my fist, showing stronger anger emotions. Lastly, the narrow value range/dark supports the emotions shown in the broad value portrait, this is a portrait of my hand and my wrist; as shown in the portrait my veins pop out more and my hair sets a mysterious mood making my hand look like a creature.