COMD 1100 Project 3


In the first discover phase of this project, I took some hand portraits to get a sense of the contrast between black and white and grey.


In the second part of the project, I took a self portrait and posterized it using Adobe Photoshop to make the layers and values stand out more to prepare for the final outcome of my project.


In the final parts of the project, I painted the best that I could even though I was not too experience with painting. It had a similar feel to my posterized image. I then created … Read More...

Pattern Mashups

Discover: The song that I chose was Circles, by Post Malone. When I first heard this song, it gave me a nostalgic vibe and the beat was repetitive and makes my feels go in circles. It had a sense of never ending loop and wavy flow to the music.

Develop: I used some real life objects to try and create some shapes that reflects the song’s vibe and wave-like patterns.

Define: In my final piece, I settled with one big Droste effect pattern where the shape seems to never end and keeps going. I then … Read More...

Field Trip

This one piece of art during the Field Trip caught my attention because of the shapes and the black and white spaces. It creates shapes of stone steps leading to a cave or some sort of shelter, which was really interesting. It also kind of symbolizes someone’s path towards something that they feel like home and needs to accomplish. There is also lights in the black space as if its the light towards success.… Read More...