Homework: Designer Statements

For homework due by the start of class on 11/19, review the 6-part series by Vadim Gershman, in which he asks different designers to respond to the question “What is a Designer Statement?”:

“What is a Designer Statement?: Reinfurt, Goggin, Dixon”

“What is a Designer Statement? (Part 2): Krishnamurthy, Ibarra, Pesko, Heller, Experimental Jetset”

“What is a Designer Statement? (Part 3): Ponik, Lupton, Eatock, Nelson, Yegir”

“What is a Designer Statement? (Part 4): Sulki and Min, Stewdio, Brandt, Olson, Catalogtree”

“What is a Designer Statement? (Part 5): Lehni, Geisler, Killian, Cezzar, Malinoski”

“What is a Designer Statement? (Part 6): Canniffe, Bierut, Smith, Rezac, Baker”

Choose one of the designers to report on, and write a comment in which you

  • identify the designer
  • summarize their answer
  • explain what stands out to you as something you want to consider in your own designer statement
  • –or something you disagree with,
  • –or something in between
  • try to identify what makes up a designer statement, who it’s for, what it should do, who reads it, and anything else we should understand about the format
  • consider what your next steps are to learn more about designer statements
  • and what your next steps are to understand other possible formats for your Ways of Seeing statement, which will accompany your collection:
          • mission statement
          • vision statement
          • artist statement
          • designer statement
          • manifesto

We will compile a list together of what makes up each of these types of  statements, based on your reporting here and in our upcoming work on the annotated bibliography

Be sure to make the designer’s name visible at the start of your comment, so that everyone can choose a different designer. Also, check the comments here before you get started so you don’t duplicate someone else’s choice!

Start looking into the other formats as well–we will begin our annotated bibliography together in class on Tuesday.