Designer Statement pt3


Samson Charles is a designer who is currently studying design at New York City College of Technology. He is pursuing his Associates of Arts degree first, and right after his BFA(Bachelors of Fine Arts). He has high hopes and aspirations on becoming the best designer he can be.

Designer Statement

A designer statement is about you and your artwork. It’s about describing the process you went through to come up with your final product. It’s also a great way for other people to know what type of designer you are, and what influences your work.

My designer statement comprises of many steps. When i have an idea or thought, or whether it may be a brief from a client, professor, or anyone, i then do some research and find out the best possible components that would make my artwork both visually appealing to the client and i.

The process i went through to begin this project was looking at a bunch of pieces i made before college. Now with a little bit more knowledge about designing work, i realized my older pieces had so many flaws, just the little things threw my artwork off. But i learned from it, and it made me better than i was couple months ago.

Design illustration

Manifesto – part 3

Your life does not depend

 on someone else. Do what makes you happy.

             Don’t always try to please the certain someone.

Don’t let those negativities get in your way.

Don’t let your talents down.

             After all, it’s your life and not others. 

Life is all about expressing your own talents. 

Don’t let it get destroyed.

part 3 project mission statement

My Independent company will be about doing commissions for people who are interested in my art. My art is photography, graphic design , illustration and painting based.What I want to offer to people is my art and show them how design can have a meaning as in style or a deeper message. My purpose will be to satisfy my customers requirements based off how they want their product to be created and what they feel should be incorporated; whether it being a painting, photograph, sketch, or a design.

My audience is companies/artists, and people who are interested in investing in the art and design industry. With this there can be many opportunities open for me with networking with different groups or individuals who create or promote art. I can meet customers needs better than ever based on new techniques and gathers I consume by creating art day by day.

The goal of mine is to satisfy people needs with art either it being a message or having a deeper meaning that meets their personal interest.


Mission Statement (part 3)

A mission statement is a short statement of why an organization exists, what the overall goal is, and identifying the goal of its operations or values. It usually is straight to the point and is much shorter than other statements. A mission statement can surprise, inspire, and transform your business. When making one, the goal has to be realistic and attainable. A great mission statement can guide and lead a company from the bottom all the way to the top

My mission statement is that I want to find a style I’m good with expand on it. It could be drawing, sculpting, painting, whatever I have the most fun with and it appeals to me. Then I want to be able to become a part of something big, like the development of a video game and be able to use what I learned to help the team out and share my ideas with others.

Class Notes 12/3: Project #4 and more

What do you need to do to finish the semester in all of your classes? What advice do you need? What advice do you have to offer your classmates?

  • how do I know what my grades are?
  • how do I improve my grades between now and the end of the semester?
  • how do I pace my work?
  • how do I avoid procrastination?


  • break up the work into manageable parts
  • do some at school and some at home (G600 Mac Lab, or Mac Lab in the library, Voorhees 2nd floor, which lets you print 150 pages for the week, library study rooms for 3+ people, Pearl 1st floor COMD)–or wherever you like to work (home, subway, BPL on Remsen)
  • Math tutoring Library building Ground Floor.
  • finish it and then you have Winter Break
  • Ask for clarification or advice
  • take advantage of office hours

What’s left?

  • Project #4: parts 3 and 4 due 12/5 end-of-day
  • Review for final 12/10 and 12/12
  • Project #5 due 12/12
  • Glossary wrap-up due 12/17
  • final exam 12/17
  • final critique 12/19

Review statements made for Project #4.

  • What are the features of your chosen format?
  • What makes it that kind of statement?
  • How is it different from other formats of statements?
  • What resources did you use to know how to craft your statement?
  • Complete this sentence: According to ______, a feature of this format of statement is ________.
  • What needs revision to help it match your chosen format?

Possible outline for Part 4:

Intro: this is what statement I chose because xyz

Next: and what one feature is

Next: This is what I did

Next: This is another feature

Next: this is what I did

Intro: this is what statement I chose because xyz

I wrote about x:

X is a feature of the format

I used y

Y is a feature of the format

I expressed z

Z is a feature of the format


Post Part 3 and Part 4 separately, using tags to differentiate


12/5: finish Part 4 of Project #4, submit all parts by the end of the day on 12/5

Practice final exam: vote=no practice final

12/12 Field trip: should we go? if so, to which, the Brooklyn Museum or the Brooklyn Public Library? Other options?

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I am a communication design student at the New York College Of Technology who is looking forward to using education to develop my skills in graphic designing. I use programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to edit images that I find interesting and that can help me inspire or deliver a message to my audience.

In my art, I use images and text to express my thoughts and feelings rather than verbally communicating them. When I combine texts and images, I like to inspire people with my work. I want them to get inspiration from every work I do. I combine images and words to tell a story; the story of my ambitions and how I plan to conquer the world, how I plan on taking as many steps as I need to in order to be successful. I get inspiration from black and white photography because I feel like they tell a different story than images with color. I like to use black and white images with different values, mainly low key values. I have always found black and white photography interesting, but as I explored and learned about different styles of black and white photography such as noir, mid key full scale, high contrast, it became more passionate and inspired and it became a really good way for me to express my feelings through image and text. When I edit images on photoshop, I use grayscale, which are shades of gray and monochromatic images.



Artist Statement

An artist’s statement is an artist’s written description of their work. The brief verbal representation is for, and in support of, their own work to give the viewer understanding. It is a not-too-long series of sentences that describe what you make and why you make it. It’s a stand-in for you, the artist, talking to someone about your work in a way that adds to their experience of viewing that work. 

My artist statement is the use of images that my friends and I have taken of our adventures together. I also use a few images I have taken by myself about certain sceneries while I was alone exploring. My work conveys a sense of friendship and calmness, alongside a little sense of chaos. It also showcases a feeling of vastness and boundless possibility, to inspire others to have adventures of their own either with others or by themselves.