Designer Statement pt3


Samson Charles is a designer who is currently studying design at New York City College of Technology. He is pursuing his Associates of Arts degree first, and right after his BFA(Bachelors of Fine Arts). He has high hopes and aspirations on becoming the best designer he can be.

Designer Statement

A designer statement is about you and your artwork. It’s about describing the process you went through to come up with your final product. It’s also a great way for other people to know what type of designer you are, and what influences your work.

My designer statement comprises of many steps. When i have an idea or thought, or whether it may be a brief from a client, professor, or anyone, i then do some research and find out the best possible components that would make my artwork both visually appealing to the client and i.

The process i went through to begin this project was looking at a bunch of pieces i made before college. Now with a little bit more knowledge about designing work, i realized my older pieces had so many flaws, just the little things threw my artwork off. But i learned from it, and it made me better than i was couple months ago.

Design illustration

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