part 3 project mission statement

My Independent company will be about doing commissions for people who are interested in my art. My art is photography, graphic design , illustration and painting based.What I want to offer to people is my art and show them how design can have a meaning as in style or a deeper message. My purpose will be to satisfy my customers requirements based off how they want their product to be created and what they feel should be incorporated; whether it being a painting, photograph, sketch, or a design.

My audience is companies/artists, and people who are interested in investing in the art and design industry. With this there can be many opportunities open for me with networking with different groups or individuals who create or promote art. I can meet customers needs better than ever based on new techniques and gathers I consume by creating art day by day.

The goal of mine is to satisfy people needs with art either it being a message or having a deeper meaning that meets their personal interest.


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