All About Me

Here’s A Brief History of who I am, what I do, and why we should be friends: I grew up most of my life in Brooklyn, New York, raised by two loving parents who brought me from Georgetown, Guyana at a young age. My Creative Journey started when my parent sent me to a Performing Arts school Named Meyer Levin, where I found myself falling in love with Acting and Stage Management. I have studied 5 year to perfected this craft and honestly thought that I would be the next Tyler Perry. Only until I reached High School where I found a new love for design, photo shopping, websites and coding, I decided City Tech is where I belong now.

Being a College Freshman is a lot. The transition from high school to college is scary but refreshing at the same time. One thing I love is, getting to create my own schedule and attending classes that I am interested in. The highlight of my High School experience was senior year and the senior activities. I enjoyed the chance to be able to celebrate my achievements and look back to see how far I came. I hope to find a new and better me at City Tech. Someone who is a boss, and a person that can handle time management better, and balance a work and school life like no other. I am a person that is loving and caring with good vibes. I am funny, intelligent, and sassy at times and could be the realist person you see. I would like to get to know everyone else better and can’t wait to see, what is in store these upcoming years.

                            xoxo Cece Style

A collage of Cece Style through the years
All About Me


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