mission statement part #4

A mission statement is a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual. It can also describes the purpose of a business.But the main purpose of a mission statement is to serve as a company’s goal,agenda or identity, it clearly outlines what the goal is.

The reason I chose a mission statement is because it fits my ideals and what I inspire to be as a designer. A mission statement is very clear and specific as well as easy to understand. The best way to describe a good misson statememt is Chuck Cohn’s interpretation of one. CEO and Founder of Varsity Tutors, guest writer at Entrepenuer.com in his article”4 Techniques for Crafting a Mission Statement Worth Remembering” he wrote “A company’s mission statement can come in many forms. Do you promise to put your customers’ needs first or to develop quality products, innovative applications or intuitive technology? Some statements are only a sentence, while others may run several paragraphs.” Ultimately, he is noting that theirs alot of freedom in writing one theirs not one size fit all formula to it.

However, He also states a couple tips to help create one. “Define your purpose,Be specific,Inspire and keep it succint” He mentions asking ourselfs why our company exists as well as making our mission plausible and attainable can help create an effective mission statement. It can also be powerful to include an inspirational element as well as not using Buzzwords and jargon it could enhance a mission statement greatly. It’s also important to recognize how lengthy we make our mission statement. Cohn states “Some of the biggest companies in the world devote full pages to their mission statements, but that may not be the ideal way to convey your enterprise’s particular message. When writing your mission statement, try to be as concise as possible. If it’s lengthy, pare it to sharpen your vision and delivery.”

With that in mind I believe anyone could write a mission statement because of how simple and effective it is. For example if I were to write a mission statement using my knowledge earned from researching and the tips from Chuck Cohn’s. It would be “It all starts with an idea. I Striving to meet and exceed my expectations as well as others.”



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