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A mission statement is a summary of a company,organization, or individual values. A mission is the “why” of the company about its existence according to Kolowich, Lindsay in “17 truly inspiring company vision and mission statement examples” and its goal, also the impact of the company towards the customers. Most all mission statements is used for companies to tell the public or customers a bit about the company so customers know what to expect or get when using the company. The length of a mission statement does not have to be that long.In “how long should a mission statement be?” Dan Furman states that “Most fall around 2-4 sentences, and 50- 100 words. These statements should be bold, focused, and to the point. Another important think about a mission statement is that it should be changed as the company changes its goals or anything, dont be afraid to change the statement when ever you feel like you need to. Most important is the audience, now the three components to identify the audience is, first the intent the company is reaching for the audience. Second, is what will the audience get from the company’s services. Last, will be the outcome for the audience.

I choose a mission statement because they are very clear and easy to understand, and if i can always change it or add on to it makes the mission statement for me a great way to clearly state my goal. My mission is, “Through my skills of photography and adventure, I will take photos to show the beauty of nature and wildlife.So it will bring people peace and happiness, also a sense of adventure.”As you can see it is not too long of a statement and it is straight to the point of the company. So the “why” of my statement is to bring people’s spirits up, giving them a boost throughout their day. The goal is by using photos of wildlife and nature to bring people happiness also to go and get out there and enjoy life.

Now if you would like to write and mission statement, here is how you would go about doing one. According to “How to write a mission statement in 5 easy steps” by Tim Berry,it should define what the company does for its customers. Define what the company does for its employees and define what the company does for its owners. You want to start off by stating the why of your company, then state the goal of the company. Dont forget to write how the company impacts to customers and impacts itself. Make sure you change the statement if needed, to insure that its up to date with the company.

I believe everyone should make a mission statement because its a great way to have a clear guide on what you want to do. Now it does not have to be public be just for yourself, to have a plan and to change that plan if you want a different outcome. Remember a mission statement is a plan for now, why not have a plan.

How to Write a Mission Statement in 5 Easy Steps




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