part 4 project 4


A mission statement is formal conclusion based of a company or organization , as well as a person, explaining the specifications of what they offer to customers and the affects it has on the market. I chose mission statement because I want to express and explain what I can create and offer as an artist within the design field.
characteristics of a mission statement are first to figure out what the company/organization or individual wants to offer to customers. As this can be described by stating that “describe the company’s purpose. A small business exists to serve consumer needs in one or more markets.” When the purpose is clear this therefore leads to the start of a mission statement.
Secondly a mission statement needs that target/core audience.
A final characteristic can be to explain the goal within the mission statement, as I said earlier the goal of mine is to satisfy people needs with art either it being a message or having a deeper meaning that meets their personal interest.

The format I chose for project 4 was mission statement because it allowed me to comprehend the way marketing works. For example since my talent is making art and I want to be known in the world, I can do so by writing a mission statement which makes one as a individual or company standout. And how? you may ask, well first of by introducing what they offer and the purpose of the product or skill. Secondly focusing on the target audience can help by your company or as a individual becoming shared then growing more relevant to whatever community or industry it is you’re working towards. Lastly the overall goal which is what the company will do for the people(the impact it leaves) therefore I felt like mission statement was for me.




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