Project #4 : Designer Statement

Part 4

    A designer statement allows readers to gain insight on a designer’s thought process and the meaning behind their work. It consists of the designer’s inspirations, style, their perspective on things, and the message that they would like to convey through the work that they produce. It has no particular or set list of guidelines concerning the format. The designer is free to make it as short as a paragraph, or as long as an essay. It’s all up to the designer as long as there are no specific requirements that have to be met concerning institutions, businesses, or galleries. Having said that, the designer should, however, strive to include a few points that are key in allowing the reader to truly understand the thought process and significance surrounding an article of work. A designer should always explain the meaning behind their work by expanding on, who or what their inspirations are, what their preferred style is, the impact they would like to make, what the piece means to them, and overall, simply the purpose behind the creation. 


Part 3

    I chose this format because it allows the audience to gain knowledge on the designer’s creative drive and it also adds sentimental value to a creation. I strive to make sure that every piece of work I produce is as perfect, or close to perfect as can be. I want people to get a sense of how much time and effort I put into each piece based on how precise my work is. Additionally, I always incorporate some sort of meaning behind each of my creations, or begin a project with a set intention, all of which add value and significance. A designer statement can greatly affect the way someone views an article of work. Something that may come across to viewers as bland, boring, and meaningless, might actually seem to come together and make sense once the purpose behind it is unraveled. This format allows the audience to view different forms of work through the designer’s eye and their vision, which can often times add more worth to a piece than initially perceived. This is what I aspire to achieve with whatever it is that I create.  



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