mission statement part 3

Mission Statement

A mission statement is a short proclamation or statement of what the overall goal is. It’s an expression, made by leaders and their desires and intent for the organization. A good mission statement creates a sense of identity for its employees. which could guide and inspire organization to succeed. Mission statement normally do not change their statements since they define their continuous purpose or focus.

Mainly I chose a mission statement because I believe my ideas and the reasons I became a designer aligned with that as well as what best represents me. For example, my art, my forms of artistic expression, my fashion choices, my digital designs or simply what attracts me as an artist boils down to how much of that art piece carry’s an identity or expression that creates a sense of purpose. It should be specific and a common guide or goal.

Hence, my artwork is usually straightforward and to the point. I create an objective and stick to it.Usually it shows what I am trying to show through my design and what message I want to get across to the audience. I also believe that a mission statement represents me because major companies like Amazon,Nike or Apple use their mission statements to inspire and interest their targeted audience. which as a designer I believe we can use to our advantage to help portray and accomplish our goals.

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