This piece by Morehshin Allahyari named, “She who sees the unknown: Aisha Qandisha”, really stood out to me, and caught my interest. The creator of this piece was trying to portray a sense of discomfort to the viewers, when looking at it. I was definitely uncomfortable listening to the audio while watching the video of the Aisha Qandisha spinning around. I did some research on what Aisha Qandisha means, she’s a female who appears as a beautiful woman to lure in men, but has a sinister past with dark motives, she’s part of the Moroccan folklore. This really reminds of the mythology of Medusa. Both Medusa and Aisha Qandisha appear as beautiful woman in an attempt to get men, just to only kill them later on. I think Morehshin Allahyari was looking at this project in a way to frighten the viewers, you can certainly tell shes very much into Myths, and folklore. To cap it all off, it was a great experience for me visiting BRIC, i saw a lot of great pieces, by many great artists, but this piece is the winner for me.

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