BRIC Field Trip

The artist who work I chose was Mona Saeed Kamal and the title of this work is called “1001 Migrations”. When I first looked at this artwork I first thought that the artist was trying to convey a message of “similarity within diversity” because all the ships look the same (form/shape wise) but they are also different as they have a different color on each of them and placed in a different orientation. Upon reading further about Mona and her work I found out that she is a person of South Asian heritage, who was born in Algeria but raised in Canada. Which i found to be interesting because there is a high amount of diversity within those 3 areas.(From the book from BRIC)  “All 1001 paper boats were hand-folded and painted, each differentiated with flowers and plants, with the boats themselves signifying journeys of migration in all their forms.” Which relates back to the central theme of “similarity within diversity” because all the boats are the same and represent migration but at the same time all of them are painted for a different reason,and in a different way all to represent a different form of migration.

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