I chose this piece of art work by Nooshin Rotsami , she is from Shahroud Iran but is aΒ  New York based artist ( Brooklyn) . She mainly works with light and the language of abstraction, it also includes drawing, sculpture, video and performance. The artists mainly focuses in giving a meditation vibe to her art work. “In the small, darkened space the glass globe sits on a pedestal reflecting and refracting the light projected through themΒ  creating shadows and wave like figure” the artists goal is to make the audience think about her art work. Personally I really enjoyed going into this dark room its just looked so peaceful and calming since it looked like water waves and being able to move the light around the crystal ball and being able to see all these shadows surrounding it. there wasn’t much color it was mostly whites and blacks and the room itself was very geometric. Overall it was a great experience .

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