COMD1100 Monday Class

Hi all,

Prof. Rosen will be meeting with you for part of our COMD 1100 class today (Monday, November 18th- 2:30 pm-5 pm), since I’m not feeling well.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you should still read through the COMD1100 Monday class outline on the class site: HERE. Contact me by email or OpenLab message with questions.

Homework Due and Materials Needed for Thursday can be found HERE.

See you all on Thursday.

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COMD Student Show Deadline

Just a reminder that the Student Show is coming up.

I need to submit your work by Thursday (tomorrow!). I’m planning to showcase your Project #3 animations, which were due this past Monday.

If you didn’t submit your work on Monday, please bring your animated gifs or psds to class on a flash drive.

And please don’t forget your color supplies! 🙂…

COMD Reminder!

Here’s your reminder for tomorrow/Thursday’s class. 🙂

Homework Due

  1. Writing: Spend 10 minutes writing about your favorite song; describing it in terms of pattern, line, shape, variety. Consider how some sounds repeat to create rhythm. Do these observations affect how you understand the meaning of the music or the intention of the composer/songwriter/artist?
  2. Pattern Squares: While listening to your favorite piece of music rework/refine your 24 Pattern squares.
  3. Texture Squares: Using a soft graphite pencil on several pieces of tracing paper, create 24 squares of unique relief rubbings of different textures to represent the sounds you hear in 

COMD Reminder for Monday

Great work on COMD 1100 Project 1! Please come to class prepared to work on Project #2. Check the class site to see what’s due and which materials are needed for class.

Homework Due

  1. Project #1 Deliver: Update the written reflection in your Curious Artifacts post to include feedback from the critique.
    • If you haven’t already, leave at least one comment on a fellow classmates’ Curious Artifacts post. Review Providing Feedback for guidelines.
    • Important: You will receive your grade via a private comment on your post. Make sure your work is submitted correctly.
  2. Take the Project #1 Quiz.

COMD Reminder: PROJECT #1 is DUE

Hello all! Project #1 is due tomorrow at the start of class. Looking forward to seeing your finished work.

Please note, it’s better to submit an incomplete project than a late project. If you turn in and present your work on time, you will have the opportunity to rework and improve your grade.

See you soon!

Homework Due

  1. PROJECT #1 is DUE for critique!
    • Points are deducted for late submissions and missed critiques.
  2. Follow the Submitting Your Work guidelines and include the project-specific details found under Project #1 Deliver. We will use the class blog to present work during

COMD Reminder

Review the COMD1100 site to make sure you have completed the homework and are prepared with the required materials for Monday’s class. Contact me with questions.

Homework Due on Monday

  • Rework your thumbnail sketches and bring your refined sketch to class.
  • IMPORTANT! Come prepared with the required materials (see list below) to COMPLETE your inked compositions in class.
  • Visual Library: Contribute an image of an advertisement or brand that demonstrates Stable Figure/Ground.

Materials needed for MONDAY’S CLASS


Logos & Their Products

Marco Schembri

Italian designer Marco Schembri’s logo series is intended to be funny. But it also makes me think about how product and logo designers can powerfully influence what consumers consume. Should designers consider the negative impact of the companies they design for?

Sayej , Nadja . “What Famous Logos Would Look Like If They Were Affected by the Products They Sell.” How., 16 Nov. 2016. … Read More...


Ways of Seeing: Adventures with Image & Text

This First Year Learning Community for COMD students taking COMD1100 & ENG1101, will include field trips, hands-on projects, multimedia composing, and cross-sensory experiences to help you discover, express, and refine your creative vision.

At City Tech, First Year Learning Communities (FYLC) are two or more courses with the same students enrolled, linked with an interdisciplinary theme, providing an innovative way for students to learn and form bonds with the college. FYLC faculty work together and with peer mentors to highlight connections between disciplines, in addition to creating a more caring, consistent, … Read More...