Class Notes 12/12: Project #5 and Prep for Final

How do we read actively, with pen in hand?

  • look for words to look up
  • annotate each paragraph
    • to say what it’s about
    • to say what it’s doing
  • what are your thoughts–maybe paragraph by paragraph
  • write a summary
  • questions:
    • what questions do you have?
    • what questions could the final exam ask?
    • Question A: 1-names the title, author(s), short summary; 2-your task: agree or disagree with a specific claim from the reading; 3-write a thesis-driven essay; 4-use any evidence; 5-use evidence from the text [include at least one quotation and explain how it relates to your argument]
      • addresses the central argument of the reading
      • asks you to address that central argument as well
    • Question B: 1-names the title, author(s), short summary about a specific part of the text, not the whole. 2-elaborating on the point raised in sentence 1; 3-your task: write an essay about more general idea from your experience; 4-elaborating on the task; 5-use any evidence; 6-use a thesis, refer to the reading [include at least one quotation and explain how it relates to your argument]
      • more of you recalling your personal experience, less reliant on the text

In the exam, what do you do?

  • read the questions
  • decide which to answer
  • 5
  • reread text or notes or parts of the text
  • find evidence in the reading or from your experience
  • 10
  • notes or outline/organization plan
  • 15
  • then start writing
  • 30
  • re-read a lot
  • maybe pro0fread from the end to the beginning
  • make changes as needed
  • 15
  • done 🙂

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