project #2 first draft

Question 1 -Do you see yourself doing anything else?

Surprisingly I do if later on I believe ComD isn’t my major than id see myself Β in some kind of photography business. I always enjoyed taking pictures and getting the angles right .I don’t own no fancy camera or anything but I do have a phone. I mostly enjoy taking pictures of like sunsets and the sky . more like anything with an amazing view . I hope later on I get a chance to take photography at City Tech . I know photography sounds easy and all but I believe there is also a lot of information that tags along with the major . other than that I’d like to teach like some type of art class for like an elementary school that would be like my safe career in a way.I enjoy the company of children and art would be a fun way to interact with them .

Question 2- What is the class that draws your attention ?

The class that is drawing my attention right now is typography . I never really knew that typography was a subject . I never really knew it had so much information and background . But so far these first couple of weeks it has grabbed my attention although its a late class from 6:00pm to 8:30pm . I actually enjoy going to it . Not only professor Vargas teaches very well but the way he explains certain information makes me want to learn more.It’s a lot of vocabulary right now and I know I shouldn’t stress over it but its about time I should start studying .We are currently working on a project with our name and inDesign and I’m having lots of fun . I am looking forward to the rest of this semester .

Question #3-within COMD which track would you want to pursue ?

I am actually very interested in a couple of branches . Advertising , packaging design and photography. Over the summer I participated in the One Club x Kick off. It was this 3 day program which focused on ComD students and Advertising. It was a competition and the company was Burger King . the topic was Halloween and we had to make a spooky” advertisement . This 3 day workshop gave me a huge idea of how the industry works and I really enjoyed working with new people and being able to create new ideas. I can really image myself working in this branch of design as well as packaging and theres photography within both careers so I’m for anything .All it takes is passion, dedication ,creativity and ones belief in themselves .

Question #4-what is your motivation

My motivation ? for anything and mostly everything its my family . My parents play a big role , they believe in me so I believe in me . I believe I Can accomplish anything wether I’m a nurse, teacher, designer. They always push me to do better . Im in ComD because I believe I have the creativity to make something out of nothing . other than that my motivation has been myself for a better future and to help others .Within Com D I believe I can help people by informing them about social problems or to inform the uninformed . My motivation personally is music and amazing sunset/sky views . I love it when the sky changes into different colors . Also peaceful and quiet locations where I can just think.

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