Project #2 first draft

Q: Why did you choose COMD as your major?

A: I chose Comd as my major because I wanted to experience more techniques for art, and since it’s graphic design based. All my other previous ways of art have been painting to drawing and photography. Therefore I wanted to expand my creative skills so I can apply it to my future projects or jobs. Entering the major also because it’s about communication , and teamwork, meaning that every artwork created by students gets criticized so that way one can get better with their art since they’re receiving feedback on how to fix things or just on ideas that can be added; and I personally feel that this helps a person grow as an artist.

Q:What are your expectations of being a COMD major in your first year?

A: What I expect of the first year in comd is to create many projects as we can before the semester ends. Every project will be based off a different topic and objective. With every project will come a challenge so that will make one feel frustrated but then open minded on how to adjust their creative process even as to switching up the style to make things workout. I also expect for myself to get taught new creative skills to therefore carry with me along the way and apply them to my works of art. And most importantly I get to learn the importance and reason of how Design works and how does it apply to the world.

Q: Can you see yourself doing anything else?

A: To be honest yeah, because I do have a sense other other art fields like Illustration and Photography. So with in the Illustration field I can sketch up landscapes or portraits and even designs; while having done that I could find a way in order to sell my art to people. In some cases people might seek something with color, therefore making me want to create paintings aswell, but it all starts off with a sketch. Next with Photography I could set up business cards and give them to people or leave them at public areas. With photography I’ve learned how to use different settings for example like the iso, apeture , and shutter; which affects the way the photograph will come out aswell as how I want it to appear.

Q: What are your past graphic design experiences

A: Back in High school , while sophomore year I was given a tech class. In that tech class what was taught was adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. My teacher showed us the basics first with how to use the tools and when they were needed. Every day there was a new lesson given and different art was made with the class using the tools that were taught. I remember the first thing I was introduced to was rgb , which is red,green,and blue light which together creates the full spectrum of colors and I thought that was pretty cool since I never knew about that.

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