Project #2 First Draft

Question: “What is your dream job in the field of design?”

My dream job would have to be, being an animator either for a big animation studio or an animation studio of my very own. From an early age, I’ve been interested in becoming an animator and how animators could make their ideas come to life. I grew up watching all kinds of animations and was always invested in how the characters were able to come to life. I strive to make my own characters and worlds with their own unique story, so that I may share it with others. I also hope to inspire people who were like me growing up so that they can follow their creative path.

Question: “What are you passionate about?”

I’ve asked myself this question a lot, while I was still deciding on my major for college. I was pretty smart throughout most of my high school maintaining an A average, but I didn’t really care about my grades. To me, they were just letters without actually meaning, it may have measured my academic level but I felt it didn’t really measure me. When I was given an art class for my sophomore year, I was amazed that it introduced me to a whole new way of expressing myself. I believed that being given the chance to create was when I really found my passion. After taking that one art class, the following years I spent trying to figure out how I could continue down this creative path. That’s when I came across City Tech’s COMD major and decided this is where I’ll spend the next four years following my passion.

Question: “Can you see yourself doing anything else?”

To be honest, I can’t see myself doing anything else besides designing and creating. I do however see myself also working with kids, either teaching them or looking after them. Other than that, creating is what I can picture myself doing for most of my life. Being able to create just feels right for me, like I’m supposed to use my creativity any way I can.

Question: “How is the community in your major?”

The community in COMD, for the most part, seems genuinely kind and helpful towards one another. In class, whenever someone doesn’t understand something someone else will come over to help them with their problem. I feel that everyone in this major wants to see each other succeed in their endeavors, so they’ll lend a helping hand when needed. The community is also fairly quiet and sometimes keeps to themselves, but I feel that is only the case since most of us just started and it takes some time to get used to this new environment. As the semester goes on, I hope to see more people in this community speak up and voice their opinion as well as listen to constructive criticism to see how they can grow even more as a COMD major.

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  1. It would be helpful for you to share more about what kind of animation you like–it gives detail to an otherwise generic response. In your response about what you’re passionate about, you might find a gentler way to say that you didn’t care about academics–maybe that would be by simplifying that into just part of a sentence: “Although I got As in all subjects in high school, what interested me most was my art classes…” and then go on from there to talk about how that was a chance to explore your passion.

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