Phase 2: Define Completed collages

For the Narrow High Key collage, I used a different material (a print out from the library) to create my gradient. I realize later on that the different material really stands out on the Broad ranged collage thus I took advantage of the fact that because the laser print out looks so much more HD if I placed it on top of a much more faded portrait (Narrow High Key) of myself it would be a good focal point.

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1






In these 3 photos, the lowkey value is the darkest, it has a darker background and primarily focuses my hands.  It was taken in the classroom next to the window shade. The highkey has a lighter background and also focuses on my hand. The broad photo was taken in the class computer desks on a keyboard as the background. Each of these creates the gist of my hand being in different surrounding but in the same place at once.


Project 3 draft

The image I have chosen is a picture of a tree branch stuck in a fence. The image raises various questions. These are questions such as how did the fence get intertwined with the branch. There is also the thought if it was done intentionally. If it was intentionally done then the thought that follows is why. I chose this image because I felt that it was very out of the ordinary. It almost seemed as though a tree was cut and the remains of it are stuck in the fence. However, it may be likely that the branch was placed there into the fence. This is likely because that is an area where people do a lot of things for art purposes. For example in that same area there is a wall spray painted with an interesting looking design. This leads me to believe that the branch may have been placed there intentionally.

Valued- Added Portraits: Phase 1

In the 3 pictures I took for this phase, the very light or white one shows a mood of happiness or jolly, while my hand position shows order, perfection, or strictness. Meanwhile, the dark or black photograph shows more of a sad, depressed, or dull mood. However, my hand is position communicates a calm, delicate personality. Lastly, the broad value range photograph shows an in between mood, but my hand says anger, justice, or violence.

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1

  High Key image is meant to be more pale, with more lighter tones and almost has pure white in the image. This composition makes the photo look almost colder, maybe even with more added sunlight, and very little black. photo was taken underneath a bright light.

  Low Key image has a bright hand in the frame, but very little white in any other part of the photo. All potential brightness is directed towards the hand. The rest of the photo is darker with tones of gray. The way this photo was lit, it gives off the impression that this photo was taken at night with a flash illuminating it.

Broad Range this last photo has tones of gray, black and white mixed throughput to create a full gray scale. The palm, while not shown, is facing towards the outside, towards the light, meanwhile the back of the hand is receiving little light. This image, in my opinion, feels more natural, having the most ranges in tone, while the others feel more forced. I would say this is because having a range like this is more natural.

low key
high key


Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1


The High Key figure was taken in class by the window while the sun still shined. It’s a mixture between high and low value light because the reflection of the sun, it gives a depth of volume for every little perspective of the hand. For instance, the top left of the hand is partly covered with high value from the reflection of the sun and we see the shadow on the bottom right hand that is covered on low value. With these element combine, it give the portrait a realistic view for every shape and angles.

The Broad figure was as well taken in class by the tables and the lights of the building hit it all to my hand with barely any shadows. Its quite clear that this portrait hand is covered mostly with high light value as well as the background and you see little dark value on the bottom right side of the hand.

In a dark room, it is considered as Low Key for the large amount of dark value on the image. There’s barely any light value reflecting at the hand and the only thing that covers it is the total dark value that creates a depth perspective of the shadow.

Hours: 30-45 minutes



Visualization mashup: phase 2

I did not spend a very long time inking this . This turned out to be my final iteration because I thought it was astetchically  better than the previous one I did . I’m

Juxtaposition : Project 3

To get to this sculpture, I left the namm building from the main doorway that students come in from on the ground floor. When I got out I made a right, and walked down straight passed the family court and passed the parking garage and stopped in front of the Marriott hotel and crossed the street to myrtle ave. After crossing the street u continue walking straight passed five guys. Now ur walking straight but on your left side ur going to turn and walk a little bit straight like maybe a few inches and your going to see a few red chairs on the left side with trees all around them and the on the right ur going to see the sculpture.