Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1


The High Key figure was taken in class by the window while the sun still shined. It’s a mixture between high and low value light because the reflection of the sun, it gives a depth of volume for every little perspective of the hand. For instance, the top left of the hand is partly covered with high value from the reflection of the sun and we see the shadow on the bottom right hand that is covered on low value. With these element combine, it give the portrait a realistic view for every shape and angles.

The Broad figure was as well taken in class by the tables and the lights of the building hit it all to my hand with barely any shadows. Its quite clear that this portrait hand is covered mostly with high light value as well as the background and you see little dark value on the bottom right side of the hand.

In a dark room, it is considered as Low Key for the large amount of dark value on the image. There’s barely any light value reflecting at the hand and the only thing that covers it is the total dark value that creates a depth perspective of the shadow.

Hours: 30-45 minutes



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