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The glossument book ” The Mark”, contains illustrations that represent the word chosen from Eng1101 glossary list or our glossument. The words chosen all fit the theme of the book. The book has a dark theme, it contains a little horror, a little of a somber tone or mood. The author chose a dark theme for his book because he enjoys the dark and horror genre. The artist mainly uses black and white in his illustration because he believes there are really great and strong colors that give off a kind of dark feel or vibe, although there are some images containing a little color besides the colors black and white. The artist created these images mainly using a brush pen to help color or cover the page at a faster rate and inking pens to outline and circle words, he uses pens as well to create detail illustration or add any detailed aspect in his work, he also uses pencil for one of his pieces in the book to add a little shading. The author gets inspiration from other book altering artworks and artworks that convey a dark theme.
This project was inspired by the book ” A Humument” created by the artist Tom Phillips. The idea was to find a  book and alter every page by painting, collage and cut-up techniques to create an entirely new version. Tom did this to book called A Human Document by W.H. Mallock, he transformed it into A Humument. The author took the method altering books and an applied it to a book of his own, which he found lying around in his house.

The book he altered was called ” The Mark of Athena”, written by Rick Riordan. The author took this book and transformed it into “The Mark. The author got his inspiration from other illustrations or blackout art that was created by other artists, some who specialize in altering books or creating book art. He also looked at artwork that conveyed a dark or horror theme. He used some of the other artwork as a reference for the artwork of his own which his altered book. The motivation the author had working on this project was basically trying to discover the ways he could express or represent a word through the process of imagery, the way things are drawn, and through emotion. He also enjoyed looking at other work that related this project and tried to basically incorporate a piece of the work seen during his research, into his own.
There were not many steps in the process of creating or altering a page in the book. The author wanted to keep his work simple, but he also wanted to add some detail. After the author chooses a word to incorporate in his book, the first step the author does to visually represent that word, is to create an illustration, an illustration when seen to, the viewer would have an idea what word it is trying represent. After taking his time to finish creating the illustration, the author begins to black out the page. The author does this to block out the words which would distract the viewers from the focal point of the page. The author may circle words he wants to incorporate into a poem or words that relate to the word being represented in some way, beforehand so that when he is blacking out the page, he knows to go around them. Blacking out a page took a lot of time, even with the black brush Pen. The author says that to him this was the most annoying part, but also the most necessary.

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