Color Interaction Parings: Phase 3

Step 1 – Color Research Process.

Outgoing/Curious/Relax/Sports/ Hiphop

Step 2 – Color Mockups 

I picked the red color for my partner Olando because to me it resembles energy for sports. In the video it talks about being in a red room makes you talk more so I think red can also represent outgoing. Our shared color is green because our favorite colors are mint/lime and dark green. The green shows relaxation as well.

Step 3 –  Icon Research Process

Olando's icon
Evelyn’s thumbnails

I chose a fox to represent Olando because when I think of curious and active I think of fox’s being a hunter of some sort always moving. Besides that, a fox is generally quick when they move and that reminds me of Olando’s love for sports, the energy you can get from hip-hop, and being outgoing.


This took 2 hours

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