Project#3: Phase 2

Broad range

This is my broad image collage. This is image represents a broad range value because there is almost a neutral light to dark distribution in this image. The focus point in this image is my nose. The way the images is alligned kind of helps lead the viewer to the focus point.As you can there is a strong stable figure/ground relationship.

Narrow Low-Key Value range

This is my Narrow value range. This represents my Narrow low-key value range because there is mostly darkness in this image compared to the light, it also transition from dark to the little bit of light you see near the end of the right side of the image. The focul point in this image is the eyes. I put them in the central of my face and kind of stacked them to draw attention to themselves and kind if help lead the viewers eyes towards the focul point. This image has an unstable Ambiguous figure/ground relationship. There’s a lot going on with the collage in this image that makes it difficult for you to determine what is the figure and what is the ground.

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